Mesiniaga-New Comers..

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'll come back as a blogger after i've deleted a month ago(now i undelete it again)..I'm stop for a moment blogging because of some reason..a very 'remeh' ones. I dont think to share it in this blog, because it is very 'personal'..
For friends who has follows my blog, thank you very much for giving me support..i'm now blogging again because of u guys..(^_^)

I think it is not to late to introduced my new friends at my new place..Mesiniaga Berhad..haha tak sangka i'll get my second salary here...(^_^)

dis morning, while i'm on my way to work, at KL sentral, i'm met my supervisor when practical at pnb, encik heemi..i do know y i'm shaking when meeting him...hu2...he said.."keje kat mesiniaga ek..bagus lah wat development.."..Malu dgn diri sendiri sbb dulu pnah ckp kat die yg sy takmo teruskan pekerjaan sbg seorg software developer...hu2